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The Logburners’ Handbook – a comprehensive series of booklets on firewood, published by

Part 1. From Tree to Stove (available now, £3.50 plus £1 P&P)
• Getting logs from forest or supplier
• Processing, drying and storing logs
• Characteristics of different firewoods

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Part 2. Growing Firewood (in preparation)
• Planting and managing small woodlands for firewood
• Economics – costs, incomes, grants
• Equipment; training; H&S

Part 3. Woodstoves (in preparation)
• Assessing homes and rooms for woodstoves
• Calculating size of stove needed
• Chimneys and flues
• Hearths
• Installing, operating and maintaining woodstoves

How to build a pallet woodstore leaflet – click here to open as a pdf file.
How to build a pallet woodstore video – click here (youtube)

Scottish Woodfuel News 3 – click here to open as a pdf file

Scottish Woodfuel News 2 – click here to open as a pdf file

See also Forestry Commission Scotland’s usewoodfuel website for more information focussed on wood chips and pellets, and Highland Birchwoods’ usegreenheat website

Introduction to Log-fuel Stoves (pdf file)(Village Green Energy Project)

Village Conversion Factors, Calorific Value and carbon: A Handy Reference Guide (MSWord file)(Village Green Energy Project)

Resources for Woodfuel Users (MSWord file)(Village Green Energy Project)

Sustainable Development Commission Report – Woodfuel for Warmth

The Carbon Balance of Woodfuel (Highland Birchwoods)

Fuelwood in the Highlands (Highland Birchwoods)